Since 1979 AMI has been providing high quality manufacturing services to a wide variety of industries. 

Using state of the art equipment and 3D software,   AMI offers an innovative and efficient manufacturing approach to deliver the quality and consistency demanded by today's industries.

Whether you are in need of prototype assistance, special fixtures, immediate tool repair, or a contract manufacturing partner, AMI provides the solutions.

Here at AMI, we're constantly upgrading shop equipment to keep ourselves at the cutting edge of innovation in our industry.
Our primary services include not only 2 and 3-Axis milling, but we've recently added 5-Axis milling capabilities as well.
MIG/TIG and Wire Welding

Precision, Reliability, Consistency, High Quality

Small Fixture

We manufacture window frames for small aircraft.  The complex design requires multiple shafts for housing 3 aerial window panes, which in turn allow cabin pressure to be maintained during flight.
You can view this aerial window frame below:

Small Fixturing

4th Axis Turning
Small Fabrication and Turning Complete
Small fabrication


Automated Manufacturing Inc. is a CNC Milling and Turning specialist. We've been in the industry since 1979, exceeding our customers' needs with highly experienced machinists capable of extremely precise machining. Rest assured, with AMI you'll get high-quality service and project results.

To stay competitive in today's demanding manufacturing environment requires an innovative approach to reduce cost and deliveries. AMI incorporates the equipment and resources to provide the highest quality components within the shortest possible lead times.


Dear Tom:


So nice to talk with you today. I can't wait to see our new product this weekend. I will never be able to put into words of thank you for what you have done for Carl and now for my family. Carl thought so much of you and now you have the rest of my little family thinking the same way.


We don't know what's in store for sales on these items but you can be assured any future orders will be only sent your way. We are hoping that we shall have many years of working together. Dan has told me all the hard work and various troubles you had with this project and I'm truly sorry for that, but I thank you for your support and in the future I hope other orders will run smoothly.


Peace and blessings to you and your family, you are always in my prayers

Joanne Duckworth


32" DIA x 80"LENGTH



We are ideally located in the Germantown Industrial Park just north of Hwy 167 and 41/45 at the address below:


N115W19280 Edison Drive

Germantown, WI 53022

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Tom Nichol


Steve Cruz